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Integrating with Infusionsoft (Email Integration)

If you want to integrate your OptimizePress system with Infusionsoft, you can do so using our API integration method. This means that any contact information collected will be sent through to Infusionsoft.

Follow these steps to setup this integration

1. The first thing you will need is a campaign setup in the Campaign Builder inside Infusionsoft with a Web form added to the campaign. You can do this by dragging the "Sign up for newsletter" Goal element onto a Campaign Builder page (we recommend following the Infusionsoft training for more information on how to setup their system)

2. Once you have your form setup in Infusionsoft, ensure you make a note of the name of the form, and ensure your Campaign and form are published (our system may not detect your form if it is not published)

3. The next step is to get your machine number or application number from Infusionsoft:

Your application number or name is the first part of your infusionsoft login URL for example: - app123 would be your application name

4. To find your API key go to Infusionsoft > Admin > Settings:

Next click on Application on the left side menu:

Copy your Encrypted key from the API section (we have blurred ours for security):

5. Next you need to go over to your OptimizePress and enter this information in the Dashboard > Email Marketing Services > Infusionsoft section and click save

6. In the LiveEditor, you can add or edit any opt-in form by clicking the edit icon:

7. Select the Infusionsoft provider from the Integration Type drop down and then select your web form name from the List drop down (please note that your web form names may take up to 1 minute to load into OptimizePress - depending on the number of web forms you have)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set the thank you page for Infusionsoft Forms

The thank you page is set inside the Infusionsoft system. They would need to first create a “Sign up for newsletter” goal which creates an optin form to integrate with.  When this is edited inside Infusionsoft you can set the thank you page to use a default infusionsoft thank you page or set your own page (possibly an OptimizePress page by entering the URL):

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