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Known Issues & Bugs

On this page you will find any current known issues and bugs with the OptimizePress and OptimizeMember platforms.  Our developers and support teams are always working hard to track down and fix any bugs with our platform and usually bugs present in our core code are fixed within 7-14 working days, depending on where we are in our latest release cycle.

Please note that bugs and issues caused by plugin or script conflicts cannot always be fixed - we will always do our best to ensure compatibility with the maximum number of themes and plugins available for Wordpress, but it's simply not possible for us to guarantee compatibility with everything.

Known Issues In OP or OPMember 1.2.7 (Current Version)

  • Video Thumbnail & Lightbox element - the popup window generated by this element is not currently resizing on mobile and tablet devices so is not responsive.  We are investigating this issue and recommend using the OverlayOptimizer element instead with an image upload as the trigger element (Patch available please contact support)
  • Yoast SEO frontpage not counting words (Patch available please contact support)
  • Social sharing in blog not working in some situtations on SSL (Patch available please contact support)


Fixed Issues

  • Image with Text Aside - Bug in this element when exporting a page using this element with links inside the element, the exported page shows the content as blank for this element.  We are working on a patch for this currently.
  • [OptimizeMember] Error when saving posts/pages with OptimizeMember active - Warning: Cannot modify header information. This issue is caused by a minor bug in the latest version of OptimizeMember. To fix, ensure that you have set a page inside the OptimizeMember > General Options > Membership Options Page - once you set a page there you will not receive this issue further.  This issue has been patched ready for the next release.

  • Problem with Insert URL Field in Text Editor - if you do not see the correct input field or link options when adding a link to text, you need to add this CSS to the OptimizePress > Dashboard > Global Settings > Custom CSS (Sitewide):

    .op-live-editor { height: 500px; }
    #wp-link-close > .screen-reader-text { display: none; } 

  • Small space under header when header link removed - see this article for a fix
  • Adding new Launch funnel not working sometimes with message "Verification failed" - this is fixed and patch is available, so please contact support if you experience this problem

  • ActiveCampaign Integration Breaks when ActiveCampaign plugin active (Fixed in
  • In plugin version font styles are not rendered in Live Editor only - this is fixed, please contact support for a temporary patch
  • If using OfficeAutopilot integration, sometimes a Fatal error: Call to undefined function op_update_trim_option() - this is fixed, please contact support for temporary patch
  • 404 Error on Redirect for Opt-in form with Email Data Integration - when using a custom button on your opt-in forms with the email data integration, some users are experiencing a 404 error.  Please contact our support team for a temporary fix for this - this will be patched in our next update
  • Custom HTML Element - Some of our users are experiencing issues with extra line break tags - <br> - being inserted into custom HTML. We are working on a fix for this asap
  • Pagebuilder not working on some sites - please upgrade to
  • Issue with row insert button  Row insert button was not working on some users installs. We have now fixed this in
  • Page Typography Options Working Intermittently in Chrome.  We suspect a recent change in Chrome has caused this.  We are working on a fix for this for 2.1.8. We recommend using Firefox to edit any pages in the LiveEditor [Fixed in]
  • Feature Block Icons Width Tweak - we are tweaking the width of the feature block icons in some cases as these are showing as distorted. [Fixed in]

  • "Unable to connect to licensing message" - In some cases our users are experiencing an issue with this due to caching of the error message.  This will be fixed in 2.1.8.  Please note there are also other reasons this message may ligitimately show as explained in the article here

  • Exit Redirect Not working in Firefox - This issue is due to Firefox changing the way their browser works with the "onload" function required for the exit redirect in version 27 of their browser.  We have an update which provides an alternative solution for this and will be available in version  [Fixed in]
  • Template Misaligned in Plugin with 2014 Theme - If you are using the OptimizePress Plugin with the 2014 Wordpress theme, some templates may appear to have the content area aligned to the left. This is because of some CSS interfering with our styling.  We are working on a fix for this, for now there is a temporary fix.

    Add this code to the Page Settings > Other Scripts > Custom CSS:

    .main-content{floatnone !important;}

    This will fix the issue until we patch this in the main platform.  [Fixed in]
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