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Integrating with GotoWebinar

Before you start this guide you will need:

  • An active GotoWebinar account (GotoMeeting will not work).  If you don't already have a GotoWebinar account you can get a 30 day trial at (be aware that after the 30 days your credit card will be billed if you do not cancel)

    Please note that GotoMeeting accounts will not work - your account must be a GotoWebinar account
  • Your GotoWebinar account username and password will be required during the setup process so have these handy
  • Ensure you are running version 2.1.2 or above of OptimizePress (released 7 October 2014)


Step 1: Setup your Citrix Developer account

This process only has to be done once. After you have your developer account with Citrix (the creators of Goto Webinar ) you can add as many different sites into your account as you want for new GotoWebinar integrations

A) Go to and create a new developer account.

Complete the form and click "Create New Account"

B) Once you have completed the form you should see a page that looks like the one below.  Click the "Add a new app" button

Step 2: Setup your Developer Key

A) On the developer key application you need to ensure that you complete all the information accurately.  The most important thing on this form is to ensure that your domain / Application URL matches your domain exactly.  

So if your domain is you must list it like this: 

IMPORTANT: Notice the trailing slash at the end - this MUST be included

If your domain does NOT have the www - you should not include the www in your application URL

Once you have completed the form, click the "Create App" button

B) If everything was completed accurately, you should see a screen like this.

Now you simply need to click your App name to get your app details.


C) Once on the app information page, you need to copy your "Consumer Key" as this is your API key:

Step 3: Integrate your OptimizePress site

IMPORTANT: Before you continue with these steps - please ensure that your permalinks are set to the "Post Name" setting. To do this, go to Settings > Permalinks on the main Wordpress sidebar and select the "Post Name" setting and then save the settings on that page

The next steps in the process are actually integrating your OptimizePress site with the GoToWebinar API key you just setup

A) First head over to your OptimizePress site and login.  You need to go to OptimizePress > Dashboard > Email Marketing Services > GotoWebinar

B) Once you find the GoToWebinar Section you need to paste in the API key that you copied from the previous step 

C) Once this is done, click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the page

After the page has reloaded, go back into OptimizePress > Dashboard > Email Marketing Services > GoToWebinar and you should see the section has changed to now give you the connect option:

D) Click the Connect option.  If you have entered your API key wrong you can click "Clean API key" to start again and enter a different API Key

E) You will now be redirected to GoToWebinar / Citrix where you need to enter your logins for GoToWebinar.  Note these are your normal GoToWebinar logins and NOT your developer logins and click CONTINUE

F) You will now see a screen prompting you to allow your site to access your GoToWebinar account. This simply allows your OptimizePress installation to send registrants to your GoToWebinar webinars from your opt-in forms

Click Allow on this screen

If everything is configured correctly you should be redirected to your OptimizePress admin dashboard where you will see that the GoToWebinar section now shows "Connected:

NOTE: If you are redirected to your Blog home page please recheck that you have entered your API key correctly (with no spaces after the key), that you have set the permalinks to the "Post Name" setting (as detailed above) and you have set the correct URL for your application within the Developer system at Citrix

Step 4: Setting Up A Webinar at GoToWebinar

The next stage of this process is to actually setup a webinar that you can send registrants through to from your OptimizePress site.  If you already have a webinar setup and awaiting registrants you can skip down to step (B)

A) Setting up a webinar in GotoWebinar is very simple.  First go to

Login to your account and then click the "Schedule a webinar" button

This will take you to the schedule a webinar page where you can complete the fields to setup your webinar. Ensure you set the correct time and date for your webinar and that it is in the future

Once you have completed all fields, click the "Schedule" button

This will show you a confirmation of your webinar information (this can be edited later if you wish).  Your webinar is now setup

Step 5: Connecting your landing page / Opt-in Form to GoToWebinar

The final stage of this process is to connect your opt-in forms on your squeeze pages and landing pages with your GoToWebinar account

Before you continue - please note that because of Wordpress and GoToWebinar Caching, please allow 15 minutes after your webinar has been setup before you attempt to integrate with your OptimizePress site

A) You will now need a page with an opt-in form on it to integrate with your GotoWebinar.  If you do not already have a page, create one in the usual way and then click on the opt-in form to edit it (or add an opt-in form to your page by going to "Add an Element" and choose Opt-in Forms from the Element browser

B) Once you have the form edit window open you should now see an option to integrate with GotoWebinar at the bottom of the main window:

In the GoToWebinar section ensure from the first dropdown you select "Integrate with GoToWebinar"

The second drop down will now populate with any active scheduled webinars (past webinars will not be shown and webinars setup in the last 15 minutes may not show up until 15 minute has passed)

Select your webinar to integrate with and click InsertRemember you can also send your opt-in subscriber information to an autoresponder of your choice - so select that information above this section to send the registrant to your chosen mailing list as well

You have now completed the integration with GoToWebinar.  When you need to integrate another site in the future you can just login to your developer account and add a site there - you do not need a new developer account for each site but you do need an individual API key



As standard, GotoWebinar API only accepts 500 daily registrations (resets after 24 hours). After that it will stop registering participants but will still send empty confirmation emails to every registration attempts made. Unfortunately this is not something that Optimizepress has any control over.

To fix this, you need to send an e-mail to with the consumer secret of your app and ask them to remove the limitation.

Final Notes to be aware of

One final note - because of how GoToWebinar processes registrants from external systems - if you only collect email you will see the name set as "Friend" in your GotoWebinar registrants list.  If you collect name and email you may see the name duplicated but this will not affect your webinar 

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