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LiveEditor Troubleshooting Steps

If you are having problems with the LiveEditor, please follow these steps to help fix your issue or establish the cause of your problems.

The most common issue we have reported to us with the LiveEditor is that the edit buttons / you cannot edit any of the elements on a page.  

There are a number of reasons for this - please check the list below:

1. You have a plugin or theme conflict - occasionally other plugins/themes can conflict with the OptimizePress LiveEditor system. This is because the LiveEditor relies on complex Javascript and Jquery code in the background to function correctly.  If you install another plugin which does not declare these files correctly, or overrides our Javascript files, the LiveEditor can stop working

To fix this you can try disabling all your plugins temporarily (by going to Plugins  > and click Disable on any plugins running. Remember when you disable a plugin it shows in the "Recently Active" list so you can easily find it to reactivate it.

If you find that once your plugins are disabled, the problem stops, then reactivate your plugins one by one until you find the problem plugin.  We would then advise seeking an alternative plugin.  You can also let our support team know so we can add this to the incompatible plugins list and also we will do our best to improve support for that plugin in the future

If you find a plugin is not the cause, it is possible your Theme is intefering with the LiveEditor.  You can activate a different theme on the Appearance > Themes page to deactivate your current theme - then test the LiveEditor again. If you find this fixes the issue, it would be worth seeking an alternative theme, or consider installing OptimizePress on a separate installation such as a subdomain or subdirectory

2. You have added some incompatible code to your page - If you are finding that the LiveEditor does not work on a specific page that you have been working on, it's most likely that you have added some code which has broken the LiveEditor

Any codes which separately declare Javascripts, or incomplete codes can stop the LiveEditor working (which is why we always advise taking care when adding custom codes to your pages).

We also find that some video player codes which are not complete can break the LiveEditor.  If you are using Easy Video Suite or Wistia, consider adding these codes into a HTML/Shortcode element rather than the video player element.

Unfortunately in these cases it will usually be required for you to recreate the page as once the page content is saved and un-editable it's not possible to override this

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