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Shortcodes / Merge Codes to Add functionality to your Membership site

These shortcodes can be used in the HTML/Shortcode element inside the OptimizePress LiveEditor or in the advanced element options to be placed before/after an element

Display Username of logged in member:


Display link to modify Profile:

[optimizeMember-Profile /]

Display Current User IP Address:


Show content only if user is logged in (at any level):

[opmIf is_user_logged_in()]
 Content for anyone that is logged in, regardless of their Membership Level.

Show content only if user is NOT logged in:

[opmIf !is_user_logged_in()]
 Some public content. They're NOT logged in.
 A leading !exclamation means false.

Show content to a specific package (CCAP) (in this example package is called free_gift ):

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_free_gift)]
 Display free gift here. This Member has access to a Custom Capability that supplies a free gift.

Protect content and Require Level 1 or above Access:

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]
    Some content for Members who are logged in with an optimizeMember Level >= 1.

Show content to public (people not level 1):

[opmIf !current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]
 Some public content.

Show content ONLY to level 1 users:

[opmIf current_user_is(optimizemember_level1)]
 Content for Members at exactly Level# 1, on this Blog.

Nested permissions:

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]

 Some premium content for all Level 1 Members.

 [_opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_music)]
 Display links for music as well.

 [_opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_videos)]
 Display videos as well.


[opmIf !current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]
 Some public content.

Open link in new window for profile modification (popup):', '_popup', 'width=600,height=400,left=100,screenX=100,top=100,screenY=100,location=0,menubar=0,toolbar=0,status=0,scrollbars=1,resizable=1'); return false;">Modify Profile
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