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Using the default MailChimp thank you page

If you would like to use the default MailChimp thank you page then you need to use the raw HTML <form> code from MailChimp (the "Naked" form, as they call it) and then use the Custom Form integration method inside of OptimizePress.

You can find the MailChimp "Naked" form code inside of your MailChimp account here: List > Signup Forms > Embedded Forms > Naked

Next, copy that HTML form code from MailChimp and then paste it inside the OptimizePress optin form editor. You want to select "Integration Type > Custom Form" at the top and then paste the code below where it says "Form HTML", as seen in this screenshot:

Finally, look below and make sure that the email and name fields are set correctly, as seen in this screenshot (please note that if you have other form fields they will also appear here and should be selected and verified):

After that, your optin form will take the user to the default MailChimp thank you page after they complete the optin process.

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  • Avatar
    Jon Seidman

    Great stuff!

    However, I'm using the straight MailChimp integration, but Names aren't showing up in my MailChimp after they subscribe. Why? Do I have to do something with the Name, Name Field Order, and Email Field Order? I assumed that was done automatically when you used the straight integration...Or am I doing something wrong on the MC side?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Avatar
    Chris M.

    Hello Jon,

    Can you please submit a support ticket and let me know if you're using the name "Jon Seidman"? Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Jon Seidman

    Got it sorted out...I had to untick Name Required, and then I had to select First Name, Last Name, or Email...I guess I assumed that it did it automatically when you didn't use a Custom Form. It seems to default to 0 and 0 for the order of the Name and Email. Does that matter?

  • Avatar
    Emanuel Pedroso

    After a person sign up to my email list by Squeeze Page, and confirm email. How can i set up that when they go to my squeeze, and put email.. they pass through thank you page and go to content?

  • Avatar
    Chris M.

    Hello Emanuel,

    In this case, I would recommend using the option to create your own Thank You page on your site (and not the default Thank You page by MailChimp (or other provider)). And then at the bottom of your Thank You page, you could place a button that takes them to the content. It could say "Click Here to Access Your Content", for example.

  • Avatar

    Hi Chris -hope you can lend me a hand here.

    Our site needs to obtain phone#/ zip codes on the squeeze page -I asked support before that OP2 cant cross check the inputs for validity like (zip -only#s; 5 digits or phone# 10 digits;numbers only) so I was asked to integrate the form to MC instead so that they can validate the format of the inputs. Anyway, the only challenge I'm facing is that the MC redirect must go to another page on our site not the MC thank you page -it's like Emanuels concern above.

    Any ideas?


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