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Create Twitter App Keys for Social Sharing Element

Setting up a App ID for Using Twitter Share Buttons in the Live Editor

Estimated time to complete: 7 minutes

This guide will show you how to setup a Twitter App & use the API keys which is required if you wish to use the Twitter Social Sharing buttons and have the tweet counter show correct share numbers.

You will need your own Twitter account in order to create the Twitter App so ensure that you have created a free account by going to first before starting this guide.

Step 1: Login to Twitter and go to developers site

First you'll need to go to

Then click on the "Create New App" button:

Step 2: Fill out the "Create an application" form

After you click on the "Create New App" button from Step 1, you'll see a form that needs to be filled out. Just fill out the required fields (note that you don't need to fill in the "Callback URL" field as that is not required):

Be sure to click the "Create Your Twitter Application" button

Step 3: Create Access Tokens

You will need to create your access tokens to use this app with OptimizePress. Once you clicked on "Create your Twitter Application" in the previous step, you will need to be sure you are on the "Keys and Access Tokens" tab, and then click the "Create my access token" button near the bottom to generate the Access Tokens:

After clicking the "Create my access token" button, your page will refresh and you will then see all the details you'll need to add to OptimizePress settings. You will want to copy the following to a notepad:

1) Consumer Key (API Key)

2) Consumer Secret (API Secret)

3) Access Token

4) Access Token Secret

Congratulations! You have created a Twitter App!

Step 4: Add Twitter App Data to the OptimizePress Social Integration settings:

The last step will be to add the Twitter Keys & Tokens to OptmizePress. Login to your website's WordPress Dashboard & head on over to "OptimizePress > Dashboard > Social Integration > Twitter App" and copy/paste the Keys/Tokens from the previous step into the proper fields:

You have now completed the main Twitter App integration process!

The final step is to add a "Social Sharing" element to your pages...



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